Hi, I’m Liam Goldman. I’m an entrepreneur & mentor, specializing in online business for virtual goods and services.

My Message

Gaming is fun. Business is fun. Both combined is EPIC!

I feel privileged to have once been a highly competitive gamer. Grinding hard for many hours each day to obtain desirable levels and items also developed my real life ambition and passion as an entrepreneur.

One summer day back in 2011, I needed a little extra money. I remember being so nervous trading over my in-game wealth on Runescape to a RSGP selling website. Fortunately 5 minutes later I received $20 in my paypal account! From there, I was hooked.

I had now introduced myself to a whole new world. The business world for buying and selling virtual game currencies. I began to play less and less, and soon becoming an entrepreneur took over.

In what has now almost been a decade, I have experienced much more, and have met so many influential like-minded people. Two of which I have met in person. The first one on a trip to Belgium, the second one at a hotel in China.

The best experience has been doing business with hundreds of other entrepreneurs from around the world, and impacting hundreds of thousands of customers.

I have opened my personal website here to thank and communicate more openly with you all, and share my future experiences as we have moved in to the new decade.


As Founder and manager of multiple mmorpg virtual goods e-commerce websites, Liam is most known for his involvement in the real world trading industry of Runescape.


Once a player himself, in 2011 Liam discovered the lucrative business of buying and selling virtual game currencies, items and services on a large scale. Almost a decade later, Liam has worked with hundreds of like minded entrepreneurs, and impacted hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world.


Having held many leadership and management positions over the past 9 years, Liam has worked with some of the biggest names in the real world industry.


In his e-book, Liam introduces areas of online business and internet marketing that most people do not know exists. By explaining these areas in detail and from his own experience, Liam helps take your virtual goods business to the next level.